Ukulele Made Easy

Colored Stickers

Learn Four Chords

Colored stickers are placed on the fretboard to make it incredibly simple to find where to place your fingers. 


Learn While Captivating The Imagination

Strum the blue chord every time you hear the word “blue” in the story. Specially written stories are provided as a practice tool to help your child perfect the four chords. Stories are incredibly effective at capturing the attention and focus of a young child’s mind. 

Play Fun Songs

Designed With Color

Above the lyrics of the song are colored circles. Match the colored circle to the colored sticker(s) on the fretboard and play that chord. 

Free Transition Course

Know When The Time Is Right

Progress to the end of the Color program and take a free course that transitions you from the Color program to conventional ukulele music and notation. Once you’ve completed the transition course you’ll be ready for the Uke Rockers Kids Program


stickers ur color

stickers quarter inch

Stickers are not included and must be purchased separately. Make sure to get 1/4″ round stickers. If you get something bigger you may have to trim the stickers to a smaller size. You can purchase the stickers on (search “Avery 1/4″ color stickers”) or at an office supply store. See the Ukulele Buyer’s Guide for ukulele recommendations.


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