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Course 1: Hawaiian Adventure

by Ryan Fisher 88 Lessons in $49.00

Virtually fly over to Hawaii where my dog Dash and I will teach you how to play the ukulele. The journey will be fun and challenging but we know you can accomplish whatever comes your way. Get ready to have the time of your life! Other than learning how to play awesome songs, this course covers: 1) Tuning 2) Parts of the ukulele 3) Chord Charts 4) Strumming 5) Fingerpicking 6) Music Notation.


Course 2: USA Tour

by Ryan Fisher 0 Lessons

Travel virtually to 12 of the biggest cities in the United States and play at some of the best venues in America. You'll learn more cool songs and advance to another level of everything you learned in Hawaii (Course 1). Additional Content Covered: 1) Rhythm training including Chunking 2) Chords - Intermediate Level.


Course 3: World Tour

by Ryan Fisher 0 Lessons

You've made it to the big leagues. Set out on your very own virtual world tour. You'll visit 12 different countries and play the biggest shows the world has to offer. As always, more great songs are in store for you and we'll introduce you to: 1) Tablature (TABS) 2) Slides and Bends 3) Hammer-Ons and Pull-Offs. Course 3 focuses more on playing individual notes on all four strings and less on strumming chords.


Course 4: Recording Studio

by Ryan Fisher 0 Lessons

Now that you've finished your world tour it's time to head into the recording studio. Course 4 is all about teaching you how to songwriting. Content Covered: 1) How to structure a song 2) Writing lyrics 3) Rhyming schemes 4) What chords sound good together 5) Key Signatures 6) Parodies